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Aidysoft Ltd is a small consultancy owned by Adrian Killens that specialises in software test automation, mobile app and web development.

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Worked with easyJet from 2011 to 2015 as an automation test specialist on various projects. Including the initial release of the mobile booking app, integration of a new payments system and the creation of an automation test suite to assist with regression.

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Lunar Panda

A video game I developed with Dean Edis as part of our joint venture, Gimpy Software. Lunar Panda started out life as a Raspberry Pi game developed using Python and Pygame. Since the game's initial creation it's evolved and has been released on xbox, iPhone and Android.

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Centre for Computing History

Developed the mobile app for the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge. Features include up to date event listings, custom push notifications and social media sharing.

Centre for Computing History on Google Play

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Spent some time working with Qantas in 2016 building an automation test framework for their backend booking systems.

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Bull & Baker Carpentry

Developed a simple website for Bull & Baker Carpentry which I host and maintain.

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I Made A Thing

Setup a Wordpress blog for a friend's creative projects, which I host and maintain.

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